NOSE JEWELRY SIZING INFO: he most common nose piercing gauge is 18 gauge. That is the gauge most piercers use for nose piercings. A nose screw or nose hoop are the best styles for initial piercings. It is best to use one of these until the nose piercing is completely healed. If you switch to a nose bone too quickly, the piercing may start to heal around the bulb at the bottom and cause problems. Nose studs that are bent into an L shape are not as secure as the nose screw. Many people want a smaller hole in their nose, so they go down to 20 gauge or 22 gauge which are thinner than 18 gauge. Some nose piercings are 16 gauge (thicker than 18 gauge), but they are less common and there are not very many 16 gauge nose rings available. We carry a large selection of nose bones, nose screws, bend to fit nose studs and nose hoops in 22 gauge, 20 gauge and 18 gauge.

Nose Stud Sizes-Some of our nose rings are available with different length posts. The most common nose post size is 1/4 inch (6mm) long. But some piercers use a slightly longer post (5/16 inch-8mm) for the initial nose piercing to compensate for swelling. This size works for some people, but others may find it uncomfortable after the nose piercing heals.

There is no right type of nose ring. The customer usually chooses what style they want (screw, bone, stud or hoop) based on personal preference, comfort, ease of use etc. We recommend that you consult with a local piercing professional if you are not sure how to use a certain type of nose ring. Some nose rings come in different lengths, diameters, etc. The size you need is based on where your piercing is placed on the nose and how thick your nose is, etc. The only way to properly determine the size you need is to measure a piece of jewelry that fits properly and use it as a guideline or consult your piercing professional!