Blue Swirl Imitation Opal Lip Ring-18g-16g-14g BioPlastic Labret Stud


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Blue Swirl Imitation Opal Lip Ring-18g-16g-14g BioPlastic Labret Stud

Product Details

Barbell/Ring/Stud Material:BioPlastic
Threading Type: Push In
Top/Ball Size: 5/32 inch (4mm)
Labret Bottom Disc Size: 2.5mm|3/16 inch (5mm)
Color: Blue Imitation Opal
Dangle/Design Material: Plated Base Metal
Packaging: Sold individually, not in pairs. Photo enlarged to show detail.
Helpful Hint: These flexible labret studs can be cut down about 2 millimeters with scissors. Do not cut shorter than 1/4 inch (6mm). The top may not stay in if you do.
Jewelry Care: This silver color item may tarnish over time when exposed to oxygen. If tarnish is evident, clean with silver polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner recommended by a jeweler. Do not wear this jewelry in swimming pools or hot tubs as exposure to chlorine or other harsh chemicals can discolor the silver on this item. Store silver color jewelry in a zip close bag when not in use to help prevent tarnish.
Suitable Piercing Locations: hin|Ear|Lip|Nose
Suitable Piercing Types: Angel Bites|Anti-Tragus|Auricle|Canine Bites|Cartilage|Cheek|Chin|Conch|Conch Inner|Conch Outer|Cyber Bites|Dahlia|Dolphin Bites|Ear|Helix|High Nostril|Forward Helix|Forward Pinna|Labret|Lobe|Madonna|Medusa|Monroe|Philtrum|Pinna|Shark Bites|Snake Bites|Spider Bites|Tragus
Blue Imitation Opal Lip Ring, Monroe Piercing Jewelry, Cartilage Earring, Tragus Earring or Nose Ring. Very versatile piece. Photo does not do it justice, it is a very pretty, sparkly imitation opal