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Cartilage Earrings-Cartilage Barbells-Cartilage Piercing Jewelry

Hundreds of Sexy Cartilage Earrings and Cartilage Hoops to choose from. Unique styles of cartilage earring body jewelry including cartilage studs, cartilage earring hoops, cartilage cuffs in stainless steel, titanium, bioflex and sterling silver. High quality cartilage earrings in stock for quick shipping. If you are wondering where to get cartilage earrings, look no further. We have the cartilage earrings you are looking for! Most people are pierced with 16 gauge cartilage jewelry if pierced at a piercing shop. Claires, Walmart and other mall piercing shops usually pierce with 20 gauge cartilage jewelry.

What kind of Cartilage Earring would you like? Choose a style below to shop for cartilage earrings:

ear cuff
Ear cuffs that hug ear with barbell.

All Cartilage Ear Shields
Cartilage Cuffs w/Barbell

16g Cartilage Cuffs
18g Cartilage Cuffs
14g Cartilage Cuffs
20g Cartilage Cuffs

cartilage piercing earrings
Straight barbell-screw-on ball
All Barbell Cartilage Jewelry
16g Cartilage Barbells
18g Cartilage Barbells
14g Cartilage Barbells
20g Cartilage Barbells
22g Cartilage Barbells
cartilage studs
Flat back, screw on top.
All Labret Cartilage Studs
16g Cartilage Studs
18g Cartilage Studs
14g Cartilage Studs
cartilage piercing earrings
20 & 22 gauge earring studs.
Stud Earrings w/back
20g Cartilage Studs
22g Cartilage Studs
Cartilage Stud Sets
ear cuff
Ear Cuffs-Non Pierce

Non Pierce Cartilage Ear Cuffs that hug ear with no barbell.
cartilage rings
Captive Rings-pop out ball
Cartilage Rings w/ Ball
16g Cartilage Rings
18g Cartilage Rings
14g Cartilage Rings
20g Cartilage Rings
22g Cartilage Rings
segment rings
Seamless Rings and Segment Rings
Cartilage Rings-No Ball
16g Cartilage Rings
18g Cartilage Rings
14g Cartilage Rings
20g Cartilage Rings
22g Cartilage Rings
cartilage earrings
Horseshoe shape, two screw on balls.
All Cartilage Hoops-Circulars
16 gauge Circulars
18 gauge Circulars
14 gauge Circulars
20 gauge Circulars
22 gauge Circulars
cartilage piercing jewelry
Twister shape, two screw-on balls.
Cartilage Hoops-Spirals
16 gauge Spirals
18 gauge Spirals
14 gauge Spirals
20 gauge Spirals
22 gauge Spirals
cartilage piercing earrings
Cartilage piercing retainers
Clear Cartilage Jewelry
16g Clear Cartilage Jewelry
18g Clear Cartilage Jewelry
14g Clear Cartilage Jewelry
20g Clear Cartilage Jewelry
22g Clear Cartilage Jewelry

cartilage piercing earrings
14K Gold Cartilage Jewelry
cartilage studs
Industrial Barbells

Industrial Piercing Barbells.
cartilage piercing earrings
Star Cartilage Jewelry

Studs, Rings & Barbells w/Stars
Popular Cartilage Earring Styles
jeweled cartilage earring
LOVE Cartilage Earring Stud-$9.99
cartilage earring tribal
Plain Tribal Cartilage Earring-$9.99
 star cuff cartilage earring
Star Cuff Cartilage Earring-$9.99

cartilage earring jeweled cuff
Jeweled Cuff Cartilage Earring-$11.99
tribal barbell cartilage earring
Tribal Barbell Cartilage Earring-$11.99
 star barbell cartilage earring
Star Barbell Cartilage Earring-$9.99

cartilage earring triple star
Triple Star Cartilage Earring-$11.99
cartilage earring jeweled shield
Jeweled Shield Cartilage Earring-$11.99

       16 gauge is the most common gauge for the cartilage, unless pierced
       at Claire's or Walmart, etc. They pierce with a 20 gauge needle.     
       18 gauge is slightly thinner
       20 gauge & 22 gauge are the thickness of regular earring studs
    1/4" diameter is tiny and usually OK for a tiny ear, piercing close
    to edge of the ear
    5/16" is slightly larger and most common
    3/8" is good for a piercing farther away from the edge
    of the ear.
     If you don't know what gauge you are, ask your piercer or print our measuring chart and measure the gauge (thickness) of the lip ring you have.
     Here is a link to our measuring chart:
Body Jewelry Measuring Chart
Cartilage earrings have become very popular and BodySparkle has responded by creating a unique collection of cartilage jewelry. Our Cartilage Jewelry Collection is an exciting mix of cartilage earrings in 20 gauge, 18 gauge, 16 gauge and 14 gauge. Many styles of body jewelry can be worn in the cartilage such as labret studs, spiral barbells, circular barbells, stud earrings, cartilage earring cuffs. Check out our entire collection of cartilage jewelry for ear piercings and non pierced cartilage earrings.

Cartilage Earrings-Cartilage Body Jewelry

Cartilage Earrings-20 gauge

Cartilage Earrings-18 gauge

Cartilage Earrings-16 gauge

Cartilage Earrings-14 gauge

Cartilage Earrings-22 gauge

14K Gold Cartilage Jewlery

Cartilage Cuff Earring Shields

Cartilage Cuff Earrings Pierced

Cartilage Earrings / Tragus Earrings-18 gauge

Cartilage Earring Studs w/Back

Cartilage Earrings-Tragus Earrings-16 gauge

Cartilage Hoop Circular Barbells

Cartilage Hoop Spiral Barbells

Cartilage Hoop-Cartilage Rings-No Ball

Cartilage Hoops-Captive Rings w/Ball

Cartilage Hoops-Cartilage Rings

Cartilage Earrings-Barbells

Cartilage Studs-Labret Style

Clear Cartilage Jewelry-Retainers

Star Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage Earrings

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