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Best Sellers in Lip Rings-Labret Studs

One Clear Lip Ring Retainer Labret Stud-Hide Your Ear or Lip Piercing-16 or 14 gauge Body Jewelry

2mm Tiny Flat Jeweled Lip Ring-Internally Threaded Labret Stud-Tragus Stud-Cartilage Earring-16g

Tiny Flat 2mm Jeweled Nose Ring- Lip Ring-Labret Stud-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Earring-18g

Tiny Flat 2mm Jeweled Lip Ring - Labret Stud-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Earring-18g Body Jewelry

G23 Solid Titanium Segment Ring 16 gauge-Cartilage Earring-Nipple Ring-Tragus Earring-Lip Hoop-16g

Tiny Flat 2mm Jeweled Lip Ring-Labret Stud-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Earring-16 gauge

One Ear Piercing Retainer 18 gauge-Labret Stud-Clear Earring Retainer-Use for Ears-Lips-Nose

Clear Lip Piercing Retainer BioFlex Labret Stud-Flat Disk BioFlex Push In Top-18 gauge Earring

Lip Rings

Thousands of Lip Rings in Stock. We carry lip rings in all gauges and lengths. Tiny Stones and Larger Stones. Lip Hoops in many styles. 14K Gold, Stainless Steel, Titanium, BioFlex. We have the lip ring you are looking for!
Lip Ring Sizing Info
Lip Rings / Monroe Piercing Jewelry by Gem Size: Lip Hoops
  tiny lip rings
Tiny Top Lip Rings

1.5mm - very tiny top gem.
small lip rings
Small Top Gem Lip Rings

2mm - slightly larger than the 1.5mm tops, but still small.

Lip Hoops with Ball

Lip Hoops without Ball

Circular Lip Hoops

Lip Hoops - 14 gauge
Lip Hoops - 16 gauge
Lip Hoops - 18 gauge

lip hoops
All Lip Hoops

Hoops for your lips.
  small lip ring
Medium Top Lip Rings

2.5mm - a medium to large size top gem stone.
lip rings
Larger Top Lip Rings

3mm - Largest size stone, that is still appropriate for the lip. Includes 3mm round stones and other shapes.
Search Labret Studs Clear Lip Rings

Labret Lip Rings - 14 gauge
Labret Lip Rings - 16 gauge
Labret Lip Rings - 18 gauge

chin labret studs
Chin Labrets

Larger tops than lip rings for the labret piercing, just below the lip.
clear lip rings
Clear Lip Rings / Retainers

Plastic retainers, for when you need to hide your lip or labret piercing.
Search Lip Rings by Type of Material:
  14K gold lip rings
14K Gold Lip Rings

CZ's, Diamonds, Birthstones.
titanium lip rings
Titanium Lip Rings

for Sensitive Piercings, Cool Colors.
bioflex lip rings
BioFlex Lip Rings

Flexible bottoms, push in tops.

stainless steel lip rings
Stainless Lip Rings

316L Surgical Stainless Steel.
Genuine Diamond Lip Ring Styles All Other Lip Ring Categories
chin labret studs
Genuine Diamond Lip Studs

Sparkle in diamonds for the Lip / Labret.


Lip Rings-Labret Studs

14K Gold Lip Rings

Beauty Mark Lip Rings-Fake Mole

BioFlex Lip Rings / Labret

Black Lip Rings

Clear Lip Rings-Piercing Retainers

Clear Lip Rings

Genuine Diamond Lip Rings

Green Lip Rings

Heart Lip Ring-Labret Studs

Jeweled Lip Rings

Labret Studs-Chin

Larger Lip Rings-3mm +

Lip Hoops

Lip Rings-14 gauge

Lip Rings-16 gauge

Lip Rings-18 gauge

Lip Rings-20 gauge

Logo Lip Rings

Medium Lip Rings-2.5mm

Pink Lip Rings

Plain Steel Lip Rings

Purple Lip Rings

Skull Labret

Small Lip Rings-2mm

Snakebite Piercings Lip Rings

Spike Lip Rings

Spiral Lip Rings

Star Lip Rings-Star Labret

Steel Lip Rings

Tiny Lip Rings-1.5mm

Tiny Lip Rings-14 gauge

Titanium Lip Rings

Unique Lip Rings

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