Body Jewelry-Lip Rings, Nose Rings, Belly Rings and More

Thousands of body jewelry styles in stock. Titanium, 14K gold, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, BioFlex and BioPlastic. Custom fit length and gauges. Find the perfect piece of body jewelry for you.

Cartilage Earrings
Clear Nose Retainer-Clear Cartilage Earring-Ear Piercing Retainer 20g or 18g Body Jewelry
Price: $1.97
Colorful Fossil Ball Spiral Barbell-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Hoop-Lip Hoop-18g or 16g Body Jewelry
Price: $6.98
Pink/Clear Tiffany Jeweled Circular Cartilage Earring-Lip Hoop-Tragus Earring-Septum Ring-18g or 16g
Price: $6.98
Rainbow Fusion Solid G23 Titanium Circular Cartilage Earring Barbell-16 gauge Lip Hoop-Tragus
Price: $7.97
New Body Jewelry
Belly Button Ring Emergency-Travel Pocket Kit-14 gauge Replacement Parts for Belly Rings
Price: $6.97
Gray-Black Flower Choker Necklace-Black Daisy Choker for Women-Teen Girls-Adjustable
Price: $7.97
Double Imitation Opal Circular Cartilage Earring Barbell-14 gauge Nipple Ring-Septum-Lip Ring Hoop
Price: $17.97
Anchors Away Dangle Straight Barbell-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Earring-18g-16g-14g
Price: $6.98
Sale Body Jewelry
Rose Pink CZ Square Steel Nose Screw-20g or 18g
Price: $1.97
Ruby Jeweled Heart Black Steel Lip Ring/Labret Stud-16g
Price: $3.97
Single Silver 3mm Round CZ Earring Stud/ Cartilage Earring - 20 gauge Earring Body Jewelry
Price: $0.97
Pink Kitty Cat Pregnant Belly Ring-Pregnancy Belly Ring Body Jewelry-14g or 16g
Price: $2.97
Belly Button Rings
Silver Sparkling Snowflake Belly Button Ring 14g 3/8-Dangle Navel Body Jewelry
Price: $1.97
Silver Baby on Board Pregnant Belly Ring-Pregnancy Belly Button Ring-14 or 16 gauge Maternity Belly
Price: $9.97
Open Heart w/ Arrow Belly Ring-Valentines Day Dangling Heart Belly Button Ring-14g Navel Ring
Price: $6.98
Fancy Petite Round Double Jeweled Belly Ring-Non Dangle Belly Button Ring-14g Navel Body Jewelry
Price: $1.97