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Solid G23 Titanium Externally Threaded Replacement Ball-18g or 16g Ball for Piercing Barbells

Pair of 16 gauge Threaded Jeweled Replacement Balls for Piercing Barbells-Fits 16g or 18g Barbells

Crystal Clear Round Jewel Cartilage Earring- Helix/Cartilage Barbell-18g or 16g Earring Body Jewelry

Dazzling Cartilage Earring Stud-Crystal Clear Jeweled Cartilage Barbell Jewelry-18g or 16g Earring

4mm Clear Tiffany Jeweled Eyebrow Ring-Straight or Curved Barbell Body Jewelry-18g or 16g Earring

Five Stone Cartilage Cuff Earring-One Ear Shield and Pierced Barbell Cartilage Earring-20g-18g-16g

Small Ferido Disco Ball Curved Barbell for Cartilage Earrings-Eyebrow Rings-18g or 16g

Silver Color Feather Cartilage Earring Stud-18g or 16g Feather Barbell Helix Jewelry

Cartilage Earrings-Barbells-18g
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