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Best Sellers in Lip Rings-20 gauge

Colorful Beaded Captive Ring Set-One Captive Ring with 8 Captive Beads-Cartilage Earring-20g-18g-16g

20 gauge Basic Stainless Steel Captive Ring-20g Nose Ring Hoop-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Earring

Jeweled Captive Ring in 20 colors-Cartilage Earring Hoop-Tragus Earring-Lip Ring-Nose Ring-20 gauge

Gold Plated Captive Ring-Nose Hoop-Gold Cartilage Earring-Lip Hoop-Tragus Earring-20g or 18g

One 20g Stainless Steel Seamless Ring-Nose Hoop-Cartilage Earring-Tragus Hoop-No Tools Needed

Captive Ring Annealed Steel-Fixed Ball-Lip Ring-Tragus Cartilage Earring-No Tools Needed-20g-18g

20g Basic Stainless Steel Straight Barbell-Cartilage Earring-20 gauge Earring

20g Steel Straight Barbell with 3mm Colored End Balls-Cartilage Earring-20 gauge Earring

Lip Rings-20 gauge

20 gauge Labret Studs

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