One Basic Stainless Steel Captive Ring-20g-18g-16g-14g-12g Cartilage Earring-Tragus-Nose Hoop


Normally: $4.98

SALE Price: $1.98
One Basic Stainless Steel Captive Ring-20g-18g-16g-14g-12g Cartilage Earring-Tragus-Nose Hoop

Product Details

Bar Material: 316L ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Stainless Steel
Color: Silver Color
Packaging: Sold individually, not in pairs. Photo enlarged to show detail.
Helpful Hint: Captive Rings Instructions
Misc. Info: Captive rings are also known as ball closure rings. The design is held in by pressure and hoop must be opened slightly to get design out.

This item is suitable for eyebrow piercings, nose piercings, nostril piercings, ear piercings, cartilage piercings, helix piercings, tragus piercings, 20 earrings, 18 gauge earrings, 16 gauge earrings, 14 gauge earrings, 12 gauge earrings, ear lobe piercing, conch piercings, nipple piercing, nipple rings for men, eyebrow rings, nose rings and more.
Suitable Piercing Locations: Belly Button|Bridge|Chin|Ear|Eyebrow|Face|Facial|Intimate|Lip|Mouth|Navel|Nose|Nipple|Oral|Surface
Suitable Piercing Types: Angel Bites|Anti-Eyebrow|Anti-Tragus|Auricle|Belly|Belly Button|Bottom Belly|Bridge|Canine Bites|Cartilage|Christina|Conch|Conch Outer|Cyber Bites|Dahlia|Daith|Dolphin Bites|Ear|Eyebrow|Female|Forward Helix|Forward Pinna|Frowney|Gauge|Helix|Horizontal Lip|Intimate|Inverse Navel|Jestrum|Labret|Lip|Lobe|Madonna|Medusa|Monroe|Nape|Navel|Nipple|Nose|Oral|Orbital|Philtrum|Pinna|Rook|Septum|Shark Bites|Side Belly|Side Lip|Smiley|Snake Bites|Snug|Spider Bites|Surface|Tongue|Tongue Web|Top Belly|Tragus|Uvula|Vertical Labret|Web
Price each ranges from $2.97 to $4.97 depending on gauge and size chosen.

One Basic Stainless Steel Captive Bead Ring.