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Industrial Piercing Info

Heard all the rage about industrial piercings, but are not sure what they are? Fret not! Industrial barbells are longer-than-usual barbells that are commonly worn at a diagonal across the top of the ear. These increasingly popular piercings — also known as a cage, scaffolding, or construction piercings — feature a series of inline piercings […]


Helix Piercing

What is a Helix Piercing? The Helix is the prominent rim or fold surrounding the auricle or in other words, the helix spans from the outer-upper curve of the ear all the way to where it connects to your head.  People may get one or more piercings side by side. what is a Forward helix? Where […]

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What Size Nose Ring do I Need?

what size nose ring do i need?

We always get the question, “What size nose ring do I need?”. We’re here to answer that. To know what size Nose Ring you need, you must first understand the three measurements of Gauge, Length, and Ball/Stone diameter. Gauge is the “thickness” of the barbell, length is how long the barbell is, and ball/stone  diameter […]

Nose Rings Titanium Body Jewelry

Titanium Nose Rings with Natural Stones-18 gauge

BodySparkle just added five new 18g titanium nose rings. 18 gauge Implant grade titanium nose screws with natural stones to complement your spring wardrobe!   Natural Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx, Pink Howlite, Blue Howlite and Hematite nose rings are part of BodySparkle’s Natural Stone Body Jewelry Collection. 2.5mm tops are large enough to see stone […]

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Nose Rings to Suit Your Face Type

Nose Rings Style and types

Nose piercings have become the third most popular types of body piercings in the U.S., behind only earlobes and navels, and they now represent an impressive 19% of all body piercing types. Anyone starting out with their very first nose ring should probably stick to the basic nose stud at first, because it does take a […]

Daith Piercing

All about the Daith

Its All About that Daith In the past few months the Daith Piercing has become extremely popular. For those who don’t know, a Daith piercing is a ear piercing that will pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. The location is also known as the crus of the helix. Does it hurt? There is a mild […]

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What size nose hoop do you need?

Sizing is very important when it comes to nose hoops. The gauge is the thickness of the hoop (the size of your piercing) and the diameter size is how big around the hoop is. Everyone wants the hoop to hug their nose, that is why sizing is so important. Many people think that because they […]

Septum Rings

Most Popular Septum Rings Real & Fake

When it comes to piercings, you either love them or hate them. And people are in LOVE with this septum piercing trend. I mean how could they not! This look is able to show off a little bit of your rebel side. But just like any other piercing, there are many look to be pulled […]