Daith Piercing

All about the Daith

Its All About that Daith In the past few months the Daith Piercing has become extremely popular. For those who don’t know, a Daith piercing is a ear piercing that will pass through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. The location is also known as the crus of the helix. Does it hurt? There is a mild […]

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What size nose hoop do you need?

Sizing is very important when it comes to nose hoops. The gauge is the thickness of the hoop (the size of your piercing) and the diameter size is how big around the hoop is. Everyone wants the hoop to hug their nose, that is why sizing is so important. Many people think that because they […]

Septum Rings

Most Popular Septum Rings Real & Fake

When it comes to piercings, you either love them or hate them. And people are in LOVE with this septum piercing trend. I mean how could they not! This look is able to show off a little bit of your rebel side. But just like any other piercing, there are many look to be pulled […]

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Representing Freedom

DO YOU LOVE YOUR BODYSPARKLE JEWELRY PURCHASES? IF SO, THEN YOUR THE PERFECT CANDIDATE! We know that each one of our customers is beautifully unique in their own way. And that is exactly what we want to capture.  And exactly what we want our product to represent. FREEDOM. Freedom to be who you truly are. […]

Body Jewelry Sizing-Care-Piercing Info

What size or gauge Body Jewelry Size Should I Order?

What size or gauge Body Jewelry Size Should I Order? It is impossible for us to tell what size body jewelry you need for your particular piercing. There is no “standard” size that all Piercing Professionals use. We can tell you the most common sizes and gauges used for a particular piercing, but that will […]

Short bar belly button ring

Searching for a Short bar belly button ring?

    Your search is over! Short bar, ¼ inch (6mm) long Belly Rings in 26 different colors! These super sexy, super short bar belly button rings are really hard to find. The good thing is, WE HAVE THEM! These ¼ inch belly rings are short enough to be comfortable throughout your daily activities without much […]

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Pink October! Breast Cancer Awareness Body Jewelry

pink ribbon cancer belly button ring

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of early breast cancer detection. To help support this effort  we are encouraging our customers to THINK PINK!  BodySparkle is pleased to present our collection of pink ribbon body jewelry items which we have designed just […]

New Belly Button Rings

Belly Ring Sizing

Do you know what size belly ring you need? Getting a comfortable fit can seem daunting, but the hardest part is figuring out what barbell length you need. Every piercing professional pierces a little differently: if yours took a small amount of skin for the piercing, you’ll need a shorter barbell length. Many women with […]