2mm Jeweled Polished G23 Solid Titanium Nose Screw-18 gauge Nose Ring Body Jewelry

2mm Jeweled Polished G23 Solid Titanium Nose Screw-18 gauge Nose Ring Body Jewelry

Code: E-4-1A

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Product Description

Gauge: 18 gauge
Bar Material: Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136
Top/Ball Size: 2mm
Packaging: Sold individually, not in pairs. Photo enlarged to show detail.
Age Warning: This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!
Suitable Piercing Locations: Nose|Nostril
Suitable Piercing Types: Nose|Nostril
We guarantee that the stones will not fall out of these screws. If you lose a stone, we will replace the screw immediately! Just call us for a return envelope and we will replace the stud upon receipt of the bad one.

One 18 gauge G23 Solid Titanium Nose Screw with Jeweled Top Ball. Top Ball is about 2mm diameter and is round, not flat. This nose ring is not designed to lay totally flat on your nose. Straight part of screw is about 1/4 inch (6mm) long.

These are sold individually, not in pairs. Photo is enlarged to show detail.

This product is made from solid Ti6ALV-ELI (implant grade) ASTM F-136-02 (Grade 23) titanium, not stainless steel coated with titanium. Titanium is almost completely hypoallergenic and can be ideal for individuals sensitive to other materials, such as surgical stainless steel.

Depending on your monitor settings, colors on actual items may vary slightly from what you see here.

Jewel Colors available: Lt. Pink, Amethyst Color Purple, Aqua, Blue Zircon Color Turquoise, Fuchsia Hot Pink, Hyacinth Orange, Ruby Color Red, Rose Pink, Sapphire Color Blue, or AB Crystal (pastel rainbow).
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BodySparkle nose rings are available in many styles such as nose screws, nose studs, nose hoops and nose bones. 20 gauge and 18 gauges and tiny hoops as well as larger nose hoops, short post nose rings and long post nose studs. We offer a Free Body Jewelry Measuring Chart and Nose Ring Size Info to help determine the size and style nose ring you need.

This item is suitable for nose piercings, nostril piercings, short nose rings, long nose rings.