Clear Piercing Retainer-18 gauge Flexible Monofilament Curved Retainer-Hide Eyebrow-Ear Piercings

Clear Piercing Retainer-18 gauge Flexible Monofilament Curved Retainer-Hide Eyebrow-Ear Piercings

Code: F-5-2B

Price: $8.78


Product Description

Gauge: 18 gauge
Barbell/Ring/Stud Material:Acrylic
Age Warning: This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!
Suitable Piercing Locations: Ear|Lip|Eyebrow|Belly Button
Suitable Piercing Types: Belly Button|Eyebrow|Intimate|Cartilage|Tragus|Bridge|Daith|Snug|Rook
New Sizes! Now available in 5/16 inch (8mm), 7/16 inch (11mm) lengths.

These are guaranteed against breakage for life! See details below.

The Flexible Monofilament Curved Retainer is 18 gauge with the end piece being slightly larger. The end piece is small, flat and clear, they really hide the piercing! No O Rings needed!

18g monofilament bent retainers are comfortable in any piercing were a ring is normally worn. They are especially effective in eyebrows because they make this very visible piercing invisible! These are wonderful in 18g rooks, daith, tragus and outer cartilage piercings as well.

These are slightly thinner than the actual gauge (18g) in the center, slightly larger than 18g at the ends. This makes the retainer more comfortable for insertion while retaining the piercing size. They work well in almost any 18g piercing.

Taking a picture was difficult as these are completely clear.

INSERTION: We recommend the use of water based lubricant such as KY for insertion. Some might want to use a retainer that is a gauge thinner than the actual piercing to comfortably accommodate the larger end piece.

GUARANTEE: These nose retainers are guaranteed against breakage for life. Contact to receive a return authorization number, return the broken parts, and we will send a replacement upon receiving the defective parts.

Important Note: Do not clean or immerse the acrylic (plastic) in alcohol or peroxide. These solutions will cause the item to crack or shatter. We recommend using Antibacterial Soap and Water to thoroughly clean these barbells.

This item is suitable for eyebrow piercings, ear piercings, retainers.