1,197 needles later, man breaks body-piercing record

bodysparkleMay 25, '09


Fort Worth/Arlington, TX’s Star Telegram first broke the news: earlier this month, mechanic Jeremy Stroud broke the Guiness World Record for the most body piercings completed in one day. Over a five-hour period in an Arlington tattoo shop, the body art enthusiast received nearly 1200 piercings: approximately 800 in his back, 300 in his right arm, 50 in his right leg and 20 in his left arm. Why the record-setting piercing session? No reason. Stroud proclaimed:

“A lot of people say I did it for this reason or this means something to me,” he said. “But not for me.  . . .  It’s just therapeutic.

And was Stroud — who was hooked up to a heart marathon during the marathon session — appropriately prepared for the big day?

“I did my homework,” Stroud said. “This isn’t just something you can go out and do; you’ve got to be prepared for it.”

In fact, making the record official required a witness, a photographer, notarized statements, two EMTs and months of paperwork.

And finally. What we all are just dying to know: how bad did it hurt?

As the session wore on, each piercing produced radiating pain that felt like an intense sunburn.

“After a while I guess the body just starts rejecting all the needles,” Stroud said. “It felt like my back was on fire and my arm was on fire. It was a totally different kind of pain. I just wanted those needles out of me.”

Whoa! So, Bodysparklers: How many piercings have you had done in one session? Tell us in the comments!

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