Back to School: Body Jewelry Basics

bodysparkleAug 29, '09

As summer fades into fall, students across the country are bidding adieu to months of fashion freedom and returning to the classroom. Many schools — both public and private — have dress codes that restrict the wearing of body jewelry (boo-hoo!). But with BodySparkle’s Back to School Body Jewelry Basics, you can hide your piercings from nosy school administrators and skirt your school’s “no piercing policies” with fun (and removable) non-piercing jewelry.

If your school bans body jewelry you can keep your piercings open — without drawing attention to them — with Bodysparkle’s terrific selection of piercing retainers. Our high-quality belly button piercing retainers, eyebrow piercing retainers, septum retainers, nose retainers and tongue retainers are available in many gauges and stem lengths to fit your piercing needs. Just remove your body jewelry before school and slip in a clear retainer: voila! Please note: although are retainers are all clear, they may appear darker on your computer screen for optimal viewing.

Freak out your teachers and impress your friends with a selection from BodySparkle’s fabulous collection of Non-Pierce Jewelry. Our line features a dazzling array of non-pierce hoops for the ear, lip and nose. and other items. Non-pierce jewelry is an essential element of your back to school fashion — and a fun, pain-free and incredibly realistic way to (temporarily) flaunt your body jewelry habit without breaking a dress code. Just don’t let the principal see!

Flexible Acrylic Nose Bone RetainerFlexible Acrylic Nose Bone Retainer

Our Flexible Acrylic Nose Bone Retainer is guaranteed against breakage for life! Available as a 20-gauge or 18-gauge, this flexible acrylic nose bone tapers slightly in the center, which makes it more comfortable to insert. No “O”-ring necessary!

Pair of Rose Gold Color Twisted Non Pierce Hoop Earrings

Do you want to put a twist on the rose gold trend? This pair of rose gold clip on hoops can give ears, lip, or nose a touch of rose gold to brighten them up.

Be aware of these fake piercings and remove them during activities that they may get in the way, such as eating or blowing your nose when on the mouth and ear respectively.

Tongue Piercing RetainerTongue Piercing Retainer

Our Tongue Piercing Retainer features a 5/8″ long clear acrylic tongue piercing retainer with a clear “O” ring. Available as an 8-, 10- or 12-gauge. Also available as a 14-gauge.


Skull Cuff Earring

If you already have an ear lobe piercing, give your ears an edgier look with this silver color skull cuff. One end goes into the ear lobe piercing while the other clings to the cartilage. If you’re thinking of spring and summer weather, the butterflies with flowers cuff might be for you.


Curved Piercing RetainerCurved Piercing Retainer

Our 16-gauge Curved Piercing Retainer features a curved clear acrylic retainer with clear “O” ring. Also available as a 14-gauge. Terrific for navel piercings!


Pair of 10mm Black Stainless Steel Magnetic Ear Plugs

If you want a simpler, more masculine look to show your friends, try this pair of black, stainless steel magnetic fake plugs.  These will give you the appearance of a 3/8 inch (10mm) gauge plug, both front and back.


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