Body Jewelry That Doesn’t Require Piercing?

bodysparkleDec 27, '09

The San Francisco Chronicle recently examined a new body jewelry trend: non-piercing fashion jewelry. “Body jewelry that doesn’t require piercing” begins:

Turning heads with body jewelry once required a certain pain tolerance and ample follow-up care. These days, young Bay Area designers are embracing a different sort of body jewelry: accessories worn like crowns, draped on legs or wrapped around torsos. Pain free and commitment free, the new body jewelry has at least one potential hazard:

“When we go out with a shoulder piece or a leg piece, you can’t walk across the room without somebody stopping you,” Rachael Mann, 27, says of the avant-garde accessories she and her sister, Mackenzie Burdick, 23, make under the name Litter.

These statement-making accessories span everything from vintage chains and found metal objects to delicate chains strung with accents such as wooden beads and smoky, clip-on quartz nuggets that can be harnessed around the torso or worn as necklaces instead. Unique, versatile and commitment- and pain-free, the unconventional non-piercing body jewelry pieces have achieved a certain cult status in the fashion world.

So, what do you think, BodySparklers? Does this new trend have staying power? Will fake, non-piercing body jewelry go mainstream? Tell us in the comments!

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