BodySparkle Custom Fit Collection

bodysparkleNov 12, '08


Body jewelry not fitting correctly? The BodySparkle Custom Fit collection features belly button rings, tongue rings, nipple rings and 14K gold belly button rings that are available in a wide variety of gauges and stem lengths to fit your piercing needs.

Why a custom fit? Wearing the correct size body jewelry for your body piercing is very important. Body jewelry that is too short or too thick can aggravate your piercing, cause swelling, and possibly leading to infection. Body jewelry that is too long for a piercing can get caught or snagged on clothes, fingers, hair, etc. This, in turn, can cause micro-tears in the tissue around the piercing and unnecessary scarring or even infection. Furthermore, professional piercers often use a longer barbell than necessary to expedite healing and make fresh piercings easier to clean. Once the piercing is fully healed — and a piercing professional recommends it — a different size may be more comfortable and more attractive.

For example, the standard size belly button ring stem length is 7/16″. This size will comfortably fit many wearers. However, fit issues can arise with this stem length. Common problems include: a stem that sticks out of the top of the belly button piercing, poking wearers when they sit down; belly button rings that hangs below or stretch the piercing; and belly button rings that jiggle up and down or feel loose. A stem that is shorter or longer than the standard 7/16″ length — depending on how shallow or deep the piercing is — can fix these fit problems. Please note that Bodysparkle does not recommend changing your belly button ring until it is recommended to do so by your piercing professional.

If you are not sure what size body jewelry you are wearing, BodySparkle has created a handy-dandy PDF Body Jewelry Measuring Chart, which can be used to measure the gauge, diameter or length of body jewelry and see what other available sizes look like. Just make sure to print the chart first — measuring off a computer screen will not yield accurate sizing.

Still confused? Call Bodysparkle toll-free at 877.223.1738 with any additional questions.

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