Bodysparkle’s Edgy Offerings

bodysparkleNov 8, '08

Did you know Bodysparkle has an incredible selection of gothic, alternative, punk and emo body jewelry? From killer skull-style lip rings and dramatic spiderweb nipple rings to finely wrought pentagram belly button rings and trendy glow-in-the-dark tongue rings, our edgy offerings are the perfect way to vamp up your unique style or give your conservative look a fresh, chic twist.

Jeweled Vampire Bat Nipple Ring
Jeweled Vampire Bat Nipple Ring

If you’ve got bats in your belfry, try our wickedly cool Jeweled Vampire Bat Nipple Ring. This stylish, funky piece features a winged sterling silver bat — complete with spooky red-jeweled eyes — suspended from a stainless steel barbell.

Pentagram Reverse Belly Button Ring

Show your devotion to the five elements and eternal circle with our Pentagram Reverse Belly Button Ring. This intricate reverse belly button ring features a stainless steel reverse barbell which curves behind the pagan symbol for full effect.

14K gold skull lip ring/labret stud

Like an edgy take on haute couture? Make a bold choice with our 14K gold skull lip ring/labret stud. Part of BodySparkle’s new collection of high quality, nickel-free, solid 14K gold body jewelry, this eye-catching special order, custom-made item features a 100% 14K solid yellow gold labret and14K gold skull.

Spider Web Nipple Ring
Spider Web Nipple Ring

Sneak a little goth into your fashion statement with our Spider Web Nipple Ring. Suitable for horizontal nipple piercings and/or vertical nipple piercings, this item features a stainless steel barbell and a intricate spiderweb style overlay.

Silver Star Ear Shield-Helix / Cartilage Barbell
Silver Star Ear Shield-Helix / Cartilage Barbell

Celestial body jewelry more your style? Our best-selling Silver Star Ear Shield-Helix / Cartilage Barbell promises to make you shine like a star. Now available with a larger shield, this shimmering two-piece set includes a high-quality polished brass cuff with nickel-free, hypo-allergic plating and a stainless steel barbell available in a variety of gauges.

Skull Circular Barbell

For a more utilitarian skull piece, try our Skull Circular Barbell. This nickel free, stainless steel circular barbell features two petite end-cap skulls and is suitable for many different types of piercings, including nipple, belly button, ear and septum piercings.

Bite Me Nipple Ring

Got major case of ‘tude? Tell the world (or, at least, your special friends) with our fierce Bite Me Nipple Ring. This ferocious nipple ring features silver teeth and lips and a stainless steel barbell.

Jeweled Handcuff Nipple Barbell

Don’t keep your inner rebel shackled up — show off your wild side with our Jeweled Handcuff Nipple Barbell. This arresting piece features a single jeweled handcuff (in your choice of color) dangling from a stainless steel barbell.

Glow in the Dark Tongue Tickler

Make a statement, even in the dark, with our Glow in the Dark Domes-Tongue Tickler. This fun set includes a barbell and glow-in-the-dark end-ball over available in lavender, yellow or pink. Perfect for late-night parties!

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