Bridal Accessories From Head to Toe!

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There are so many little details involved in wedding planning, dresses, tuxedos, menus, drinks, invitations, flowers, seating charts…it’s enough to make any bride go crazy! This is a guide to help brides plan their accessories from head to toe! We have selected a few of our favorite items! We hope this helps you with your wedding accessory planning! All these bridal products and more can be found at BodySparkle Body Jewelry

1. Dress up your up do!

Talk to your hair stylist about your hair piece you plan on using for your big day! Many times brides do a test run with their hair stylist but often forget to bring a hair accessory to test it with! Depending on the style of your dress you may want a simple hairpiece or a bold one.

Silver Fancy Rhinestone Hair Comb

Sparkling Leila Rhinestone Tiara

2. A little sparkle can go a long way!

Pick a pair of earrings that suits you AND your dress! Depending on the neckline and detail of the dress you may want a rhinestone earring to match the embellishment on your dress.  If you have multiple ear piercings such as cartilage, industrial, tragus, or triple forward helix, don’t forget to dress those piercings up as well!  We have a great selection of bridal earrings, cartilage earrings, industrial barbells, tragus earrings and more

we-2-2a-lg2Simplicity Rhinestone Earrings Dangle

Pair of Imitation Pearl Cascade Rhinestone Earrings

3. Something old? Something NEW!

In our opinion, necklaces are the most important bridal accessory! They are the most visible in a wedding photo, as well as in person.  With such a large variety of dress embellishment and necklines, it’s important to decide on a necklace that fits your dress just right! A beaded rope necklace would be great for a lower neckline with beaded embellishments! If your dress has a higher neck line we recommend the illusion necklace. The floating charms are simple and elegant.

Triple AB Crystal Bead Illusion Necklace

wnk-2-2a-lg2Thick Beaded Crystal Clear and Silver Rope Long Necklace

4. Body jewelry for you and your bridesmaids….

We have an assortment of belly rings for you as well as your bridal party! Why not thank those friends and family members who will be there for you through planning, fittings, and tastings in a fun way! You can give these belly rings to you or all of your bridal party at your bachelorette party!

Just Married Belly Ring

n-6-6a-dg-lg2Bride Heart Belly Button Ring

Bridesmaid Heart Belly Button RingBridesmaid Heart Belly Button Ring

5. The perfect complement to your new ring…

We often forget that the bride’s hands are likely to be the center of attention! Every guest wants a glimpse of the new ring! Not only will your guests be stealing a glimpse, but your photographer is bound to set up pictures focusing on your hands! It’s a good idea to add a little bling to compliment your new wedding ring! We love our new cuffs!

wb-1-7a-front-lg2Sweet Hearts Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet Stunning Rhinestone Flower and Pearl Strand Bracelet

6. You’re Next…

We recommend getting a garter set! We have sets available with a keepsake garter for you and a toss away garter for the lucky guest who catches it! Many of our garters are available in various colors. These are two of our favorite sets!

Stunning White Garter Set- Sequin and Faux Pearl Accent

Ivory Gossamer Wedding Garter Set

7. If the shoe fits…

Often bridal shoes are incredibly expensive and not ideal for repeat use. Bridal Shoe Retailers can be expensive!  We suggest purchasing comfortable, affordable shoes, and dress them up with our beautiful and affordable shoe clips!  We have a dazzling selection of products that will add a little sparkle to your shoes!

Pair of Imitation Pearl Flower Shoe Clips

Pair of Victorian Shoe Clips

8. The perfect gift for the wonderful women in your life….

It’s customary to give your bridesmaids a gift to show your appreciation for all of their help with your wedding and for being part of your special day.  Jewelry is the perfect gift. We like the idea of giving your bridal party something they can wear the day of the wedding as well as any other time!

Pair of Rose Gold Non Pierce Hoop Earrings

Birthstone Body Jewelery

Last but not least, don’t forget accessories for your wedding can make a great gift! It is YOUR day however it’s always nice to make those you love feel special! These brooches make wonderful gifts for the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom! Make these wonderful women feel special with a brooch to wear on your special day!

wp-1-1a-lg2Carefree Rhinestone Heart Brooch

wp-1-3a-lg2Wreath Rhinestone and Bead Brooch

We hope this head to toe accessory guide will help you in planning your special day!  Be sure to visit BodySparkle’s Wedding Collection and look at the bridal jewelry category for all of your accessory needs!

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