Brrr…. Body piercings freeze flesh faster

bodysparkleJan 20, '09

As Old Man Winter’s icy fingers continue to keep much of the country downright frigid, we here at BodySparkle wanted to remind our wonderful customers that body piercings freeze flesh faster. As a recent article from Madison, WI’s ABC 27 makes clear, “metal body jewelry definitely increases the risk of frostbite.” So, as you pile on gloves, long-johns, mittens, scarves, hats, ear-muffs, snow boots, wool socks and triple-layer sweaters in a semi-futile bid to stay warm, don’t forget to keep your piercings away from the icy air. Confused? Think of it this way:

Remember the scene in “A Christmas Story,” when the kid gets his tongue stuck on a freezing light post? Imagine having a freezing piece of metal inside your skin. “The metal pretty much amplifies the cold,” says piercing aficionado Jay Pratt. “It’s so cold that the piercing pretty much freezes up and literally starts stinging the skin so bad it’s almost unbearable.”

Here that kids? Keep your piercings covered up. Labret, ear, nose and other facial piercings can be kept warm with scarves, hats or even warm ski masks. If you suspect frostbite — if the color changes around that piercing or if it’s starting to look white around the piercing — soak the affected area in warm bath water (around 102 and 104 degrees). Stay warm, everyone!

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