Customer Service or Customer Disservice?

bodysparkleAug 1, '13

Customer Service or Customer Disservice?

               When a consumer is paying for a product they are also paying for Customer Service along with the product. Have you ever felt that a company simply fell short on basic customer service? You aren’t alone!

A recent article states “Americans are fed up with bad customer service, with 64 percent walking out of stores due to poor assistance and 67 percent hanging up on a call before their problems are even addressed, according to a new survey.”



               So where do business owners and customer service representatives go wrong? We believe there is a disconnect between the consumer and bigger businesses. With complicated automated telephone systems you are sometimes on hold for 15 minutes before even speaking to an actual person! Many times the telephone menu does not have a choice for the problem you have or an option to transfer to a representative.  As a busy society we don’t have time to be transferred from representative to representative who often give conflicting information. Another big frustration with customer service is unhelpful solutions. Phone calls are often ended with “I’m sorry that’s our policy” or “Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.”  Customer service representatives are given scripts to read from for each type of problem and have no authority to make decisions when faced with unusual problems that are not on their lists. My personal favorite response is “No, you cannot speak with a supervisor. They will just tell you the same thing I am telling you.”

               At BodySparkle we believe in the golden rule of treating customers as we would want to be treated.  We are consumers as well and we know how you feel! We want to make sure our customers feel like they are being heard and issues are resolved as quickly as possible. We guarantee that you will never call us and sit on hold while listening to boring music and then be transferred between representatives. We always strive to find a solution before hanging up the phone.

               We want to hear about your experiences! Tell us about your Customer Service nightmares and amazing experiences! What is most important to you as a consumer?

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