Halloween Body Jewelry: Part 1

bodysparkleOct 4, '09


We here at BodySparkle HQ just love autumn. And as the leaves transform into a golden hue of orange, yellow and red and the air turns crisp and fresh, it means our favorite holiday is just around the corner. Halloween — and all the ghosts, goblins, rats, bats, evil spirits and devilishly good graveyard fun — is just a few weeks away, so make sure your spine-tingling costume is complete with an item (or two) from BodySparkle’s spooktacular Halloween Body Jewelry. Check out some of our featured pieces below. Now until 10/31/09, save 10% off all orders over $30 with coupon code BOO. Happy Shopping!

Snake In and Out Circular Barbell
Spider Belly Button Ring
Spider Belly Button Ring




Our creepiest circular barbell is the Snake Circular Cartilage Earring. This product can create the illusion of a snake sliding in and out of a piercing. This design comes in other barbell shapes as well.

If spiders are your creepy crawlie of choice, try this Spider Belly Button Ring. It can be customized with different jewel colors, including orange, black, and red.

Prefer high quality and haunting Halloween jewelry? The Sterling Silver Black Skull Labret, with its clear jewel eyes, may be a good choice. There is also a silver color version with black eyes.

Sterling Silver Black Skull Labret.

Silver Bat Eyebrow Ring
Silver Skull Captive Ring
Silver Skull Captive Ring
Silver Ghost Belly Button Ring
Silver Ghost Belly Button Ring

If you’ve got bats in your belfry, try our wickedly cool Bat Eyebrow Ring. This .925 Sterling Silver item comes in 16 gauge and two different lengths.

Get your freak on with our Silver Skull Captive Ring! This fantastically creepy piece features a 316L surgical stainless steel captive ring adorned with a silver-plated skull.

The adorably spooky Silver Ghost Belly Button Ring features a stainless steel curved barbell adorned with a Sterling Silver ghost charm and a genuine Swarvoski Crystal end-ball, in your choice of color.

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