Imitation Birthstone Belly Button Rings

BodySparkle Body JewelryMay 16, '19

Sparkling Imitation Birthstone Belly Button Rings in 23 colors

Wear an Imitation Birthstone Belly Ring in Your Birthstone Color This Summer

Do you have a belly button ring in your birthstone color? Summer is near and its bikini time! What belly rings can you wear with a bathing suit? Our non dangle imitation birthstone belly button rings are great for the beach. Long dangle navel jewelry can get snagged during beach activities and cause damage to the belly ring or your piercing.

One popular belly ring style at BodySparkle is our Imitation Birthstone Belly Button Rings. This 14 gauge non dangle, double jeweled belly ring is the standard, most popular belly ring style.

Genuine birthstone gems can be pricey so BodySparkle Body Jewelry has a selection of belly piercing jewelry in imitation birthstone colors for everyday wear. Navel piercing jewelry with short bars, average or long bars. 23 colors and imitation pearls. Get one for a friend and treat yourself too!

Wearing the birthstone associated with your birth month can put you in touch with your family roots. Many mothers wear jewelry with their children’s birthstones in them to represent the family bond.

BodySparkle also has a large selection of imitation birthstone body jewelry for many other piercings

What’s Your Birthstone? Does it Reflect your Personality?

Can precious stones, crystals or rocks hold special powers that can affect our lives? Many people believe they do. Even if you don’t believe, the warm, vibrant colors and textures can cheer you up and make you feel special with their beauty and uniqueness. These mysterious stones are fun to research and collect.

Want to learn more about your birthstone? More information at the American Gem Society

How did the birthstone tradition start? Read about the Science and Legends of Birthstones at the Burke Museum Web Site

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