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bodysparkleOct 6, '17

Heard all the rage about industrial piercings, but are not sure what they are? Fret not! Industrial barbells are longer-than-usual barbells that are commonly worn at a diagonal across the top of the ear. These increasingly popular piercings — also known as a cage, scaffolding, or construction piercings — feature a series of inline piercings through the cartilage of the ear that allow you to wear a long industrial barbell (usually at a slight downward angle) simultaneously through the front and back of the ear. As one of the leading online merchandisers of industrial barbells, we here at BodySparkle HQ are pleased to announce our new collection of industrial barbells. Check out some of our hot new items below:

Stripe Industrial Barbell

Look tres chic with our Stripe Industrial Barbell. Crafted from nickel-free striped anodized 316L surgical stainless steel. Also available in purple and blue.

Pink/Black Triple CZ Star Industrial Barbell


Dice Industrial Barbell


Cupcake Industrial Barbell


Flame Industrial Barbell
Revolver Gun Industrial
Colored Heart Industrial Barbell, in rainbow.

r-7-3b-tBlack Petite Wavy Industrial Barbell

Look like a star with out Pink/Black Triple CZ Star Industrial Barbell! This gorgeous piece features a pink and black triple star design. Center star is pink and the two stars on each side of the center star are jet black.
Change your luck with our Dice Industrial Barbell. This high-stakes item features a spring coil industrial barbell adorned with a 6mm dice accent.

Looking for something a little sweet for your industrial piercing? Try our Cupcake Industrial Barbell. Stainless steel with a 3/8 inch (10mm) diameter cupcake on one end.

Heat things up with the Flame Industrial Barbell. This features two acrylic end balls with fire designs.

Use the Revolver Gun Industrial to show off your piercing with a bang! This is one of four items with the same revolver design, if you want some straight barbells, curved barbells, or spiral barbells to match your industrial.

Show your love for industrial piercings with the Colored Heart Industrial Barbell. This 316L surgical stainless steel product comes in black or rainbow fusion, a mix of pink, blue, green, and yellow.

Make waves with the Black Petite Wavy Industrial. This barbell is only available in 1 and 1/2 inch (25mm) length with a pair of 3/16 inch (5mm) end balls.

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