Mood Body Jewelry: Groovy, Baby!

bodysparkleDec 8, '08

Mood rings were all the rage in the 70s. Although this fun fashion statement never really went away, thermochromatic mood jewelry has made a very big comeback recently — especially in body jewelry. The idea behind a mood jewelry is simple: it reflects the state of your moods. While mood jewelry cannot reflect your mood with any real scientific accuracy, they are thought to be indicators of your body’s involuntary physical reaction to your emotional state.

How do they work? Well, mood jewelry contains a heat-sensitive liquid crystal, often encased in quartz or other faux gemstones. When you wear mood jewelry, changes in your skin temperature cause the crystal to reflect different wavelengths of light, which, in turn, changes the color of the stone. The theory behind the idea that mood jewelry indicates the wearers’ mood is based on a claim that body heat fluctuates with the emotional state of the wearer. When you’re cold and clammy, your stone turns black because you’re tense, anxious or afraid. When you’re warm and flushed, the stone turns blue because you’re happy, content or in love. In short, the mood stone’s colors correspond to the your mood (i.e. temperature) at any particular time. Yeah, baby!

BodySparkle still has one groovy mood body jewelry item. Check it out below.

 Mood Cross Spinner Belly Button Ring
Mood Cross Spinner Belly Button Ring

Available as a 14- or 16-gauge, our gorgeous Mood Cross Spinner Belly Button Ring features a stainless steel curved barbell and detachable mood flower pendant. The flower petals spin (!) and change from black to green, amber and many other colors — based on your mood. A mood color chart is included.


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