More Peace Body Jewelry Offerings: In New Styles and Colors!

bodysparkleJan 16, '10

By popular demand! BodySparkle’s collection of peace body jewelry was such a hit, we added even more pieces featuring this inspirational, internationally-recognized emblem of peace. Show your affinity for peace with our many styles of peace sign belly button rings, nipple rings, lip rings, non-pierced hoops and more. We also carry items with the traditional symbol of peace, the dove! Check out our original post here and some of our fresh new items below!

Pink Peace Sign Heart Eyebrow

The Pink Peace Sign Curved Barbell / Eyebrow features a 16-gauge stainless steel curved barbell with a dazzling jeweled heart-shaped peace sign. Can be used as a 16-gauge belly button ring or eyebrow ring. Also available in light green and aqua.

Our Pack of Five Peace Sign BioFlex Lip Ring / Labret features a sterling
Peace Sign Bioplastic Labret/Lip Ring

silver-plated peace sign and a push-in shaft that can be cut down with a pair of scissors to fit you perfectly. Available in 14- or 16-gauge and in pink, purple, blue, black and silver.

Peace Sign Dangle Straight Barbell

Another BodySparkle Exclusive Peace Sign Design is on this Peace Sign Dangle Cartilage Straight Barbell. This product is available in three different gauges, and two sizes, allowing it to fit into other ear piercings, such as the lobe or tragus.

The Peace Sign Belly Button Ring can be ordered

Peace Sign Belly Button ring with a Light Green (peridot colored) jewel.

with a bottom jewel in one of BodySparkle’s many jewel colors and comes in multiple barbell lengths, so it offers something for just about everyone who wants a Peace Sign Belly Ring. For a more sparkly look, you can add a clear jeweled top ball to this navel ring.

Dome-shaped Blue Peace Sign Logo

The Blue Peace Sign Logo Nose Screw is available in 20 gauge and with a 3/16 inch (5mm) length screw. This peace sign is a calming shade of blue and will rest securely in your nose piercing.

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