Most Popular Septum Rings Real & Fake

bodysparkleNov 7, '16


When it comes to piercings, you either love them or hate them. And people are in LOVE with this septum piercing trend. I mean how could they not! This look is able to show off a little bit of your rebel side. But just like any other piercing, there are many look to be pulled off. Pretty, Free Spirited, Bad Ass, but what we love the most is the freedom of our own Independence and self expression. Whatever it may be, the Septum Ring trend is taking over the fashion world by storm!

The Septum is the cartilage that divides your nostrils. What you would be getting pierced is the tissue just underneath the cartilage. Does the commitment of a septum piercing still make you nervous? No worries, there’s a wide variety of fake septum rings that look just as good in as the real ones!

Here are some #1 sellers on for you to choose from! After purchasing a BodySparkle Septum ring, make sure to take a selfie and tag us @BodySparkle! Any content you want to share can also be sent to

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