New Black Body Jewelry

bodysparkleApr 6, '10

Long the color of choice for artists, rockabillies, malcontents, punks, poets, goths, and rock gods, black is making a big comeback on the body jewelry scene. For a downtown chic look, check out some of BodySparkle’s new black body jewelry below. Happy shopping!

Black Dice Captive Ring-Stainless Steel. Available in 16g or 14g.


Japanese Symbol Good Luck Captive Ring
Black Jeweled Star Industrial Barbell
Stainless steel black industrial barbell.
3mm Black Ball Labret

Feeling lucky? Try our  Black Dice Black Captive Ring! This bitchin’ piece features a stainless steel captive ring in 14 or 16 gauge!

Make your own good fortune with the Japanese Symbol Good Luck Captive Ring. This stunning item features a 316L surgical stainless steel captive ring with a picture ball featuring the Japanese symbol for good luck. Also available with the Japanese symbol for happiness.

The Black Jeweled Star Industrial Barbell features a tiny, nickel-free black anodized 316L stainless steel spiral barbell adorned with two, externally-threaded jet black stone end-balls.

Be a dark star with our Black Steel Industrial Barbell. This unique piece features a 14-gauge, nickel-free 316L surgical stainless steel industrial barbell. There is also a 16 gauge black industrial barbell.

Our 3mm Black Ball Labret is a 316L surgical stainless steel, externally threaded labret available in two sizes and gauges.


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