Nose Rings to Suit Your Face Type

DesignMar 27, '17

Nose piercings have become the third most popular types of body piercings in the U.S., behind only earlobes and navels, and they now represent an impressive 19% of all body piercing types. Anyone starting out with their very first nose ring should probably stick to the basic nose stud at first, because it does take a few weeks for the nose to recover from penetration, but once you’re beyond that phase, there’s a huge assortment of expressive and attractive nose rings that you can choose from. For sure, you’ll be able to find a great many appealing choices that suit your own face type, and complement your features, some of which are described below.


Beaded rings

These nose rings have found great favor among teens, and they go very well with ethnic outfits. The appeal for younger fans probably stems from the fact that they can be extremely colorful, and can be modified significantly for different occasions by simply changing the beads, to match your outfit or the occasion you are attending.

Half-beaded rings

Round-faced people will do well with these nose ring types, because they have the effect of making your face look slimmer, rather than accentuating the roundness. These rings often have beads that can be swapped out to fit the occasion you have in mind, so there’s a certain element of versatility to these rings as well.

Segment rings

These are probably the most popular nose rings being worn today, and their popularity is partly due to the many colors they are available in, and since they’re essentially plain rings, they go well with many different facial types. People with a fairly sharp nose shape or a jawline with the chiseled look are ideally suited to wear segment rings, so if this sounds like you, try a few different segment rings to see which one works best for you.

Nose Hoops

While hoops are especially well suited to big parties and celebrations like weddings, they can also be appropriate for other, less festive events as well. For instance, you might want to wear a nose hoop to accompany a specific outfit you have that complements it very well.

Nose Studs 

If you really can’t find anything else which suits your particular face type, you can’t go wrong with a simple stud. Because they’re so small and unobtrusive, they are really compatible with just about any kind of face, and that’s true no matter what your ethnic background might be, and no matter what your physical stature and appearance are like.

Body-piercing accessory store

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