Pain Free Sparkle!

bodysparkleOct 16, '13
Here at the BodySparkle shop we can’t stop talking about Ear Cuffs! We are getting many new products in that range from simple non pierced cuffs to dangling chain cuffs that make a statement!

Many people like the idea of cartilage earrings but don’t like the piercing or healing process. Non-pierced cuffs are a great way to dress up your ear without ANY piercings!!  Here are some of our favorite NON pierced cuffs!

If you do have pierced ears and want to make a statement we recommend a cartilage cuff with a chain! These items do not have to be worn as a pair, people often wear one cartilage cuff and earring on one ear and completely different earrings in the other! We do not recommend sleeping in chain jewelry as it may snag or break. Healing a cartilage piercing can be a long painful process for some! This is a great alternative!

All of these Non Pierced Ear Cuffs and Chain Earring Cuffs are available on our website!

BodySparklers, tell us what you think about ear cuffs and chain earrings! Pin on Pinterest or Post on Facebook pictures of you wearing BodySparkle jewelry in your cartilage! Also, please leave fellow BodySparklers your experiences and advice with the Ear Cuffs and Chain Earrings below! Visit our Ear Cuff Board on Pinterest!

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