Piercing Gets Practical: Pierced Glasses

bodysparkleNov 30, '08

Pierced Glasses have added a new function to bridge and earl piercings.

The World of Technology blog had an interesting piece on Totally Absurd Inventions Ever Patented wrote:

Anyone who wears glasses knows that the earpiece that holds your glasses to your head can be annoying and on a bad day, cause headaches. The earpieces have to be tight enough to hold your glasses on and loose enough to be comfortable. And, it can be tricky finding this happy medium. So our fearless inventor discovered a new way to hang eye glasses on your face, by using body piercing studs. That’s right… pierce your face, hang your glasses! Finally, piercing gets practical!

Sounds (and looks) pretty neat to us! What do you think? Would you ever wear pierced glasses?


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