Piercing Jewelry Trends-Spring 2019

BodySparkle Body JewelryMay 7, '19

Body Piercing Jewelry in Lavender, Tanzanite and Purple is trending this spring and we have the perfect piercing jewelry for your daith, conch, rook, belly button, lip, snug, vch, nipple, nose and more!

BodySparkles selection of lavender, tanzanite color and purple piercing jewelry
Gorgeous purple hues like lavender, tanzanite color and deep amethyst color purple reflect springtime and will brighten your mood!

Choose your gauge and size on most pieces for a custom fit. Measure piercing jewelry on your device screen with our Piercing Jewelry Online Measuring App to get actual size for that perfect fit.

Lavender hair is amazing! Perfect for spring.

Add to this fresh spring look with lavender lipstick or maybe some purple accents in your hair. Lavender is the color of the month for Spring-May 2019 here at BodySparkle!

Lilacs are Blooming and that means spring has started. The gorgeous lavender and tanzanite color purple hues are reflected in the lovely lilac flowers and will remind you of springtime. Though it may still be a little chilly where you live this color will cheer you up. It is definitely still chilly here in Southern Wisconsin.

The lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire here in the United States. They originated in Southeastern Europe and are a popular part of the Mediterranean culture. They are frequently associated with the Easter holiday, which occurs during the peak of its bloom time.

Lavender Purple body piercing jewelry trending this Spring 2019

Happy Shopping!

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