Searching for a Short bar belly button ring?

bodysparkleOct 13, '16




Your search is over!

Short bar, ¼ inch (6mm) long Belly Rings in 26 different colors!

These super sexy, super short bar belly button rings are really hard to find. The good thing is, WE HAVE THEM!

These ¼ inch belly rings are short enough to be comfortable throughout your daily activities without much extra length sticking out. Now you can feel a little bit more confident about it not getting caught or snagged on anything. Better yet, these Implant Grade, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel short bar belly button rings come in 26 different colors. So now, you can literally match your belly ring with any outfit you have! Whether it’s for a casual get together, a dressy girl’s night out or maybe an intimate setting with that special someone.  And they are a great belly ring to wear with your bikini bathing suit on the beach. Now all you have to think about is what color you’re going to buy.

We also carry other non dangle belly rings and dangle belly button rings with the 1/4 inch barbell. View our Short Bar Belly Ring Collection Here.

A little disclaimer:

The 1/4 inch belly ring length is for people with very shallow belly button piercings (just a tiny bit of skin pierced). If you have a deeper piercing, you may need a longer length barbell. More info about belly button ring sizing herehttps://www.body-jewelry- 


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