Self-expression goes “extreme”?

bodysparkleSep 18, '09

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A few weeks ago, the Granite Bay Press-Tribune featured an article entitled Self-Expression Goes Extreme which argued that nowadays “those craving to wriggle out of the cookie cutter look to extreme measures to mark their individuality” and that there are four main motivations for body art.

According to the piece,

A walk through any shopping mall features examples of stretched earlobes, lip and facial piercings and extreme tattoos as ways of expressing individuality by using the body as a canvas.


Tattoo artists and piercers agree that there are four “core” reasons why people choose to modify their bodies with tattoos and piercings: for aesthetic value, sexual stimulation, commemorate pivotal events and religious purposes…

So, what do you think BodySparklers? Is body art becoming “extreme”? Why have you chosen piercings or tattoos? Tell us in the comments!

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