St. Patrick’s Day Body Jewelry

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Irish eyes will be smiling on you on March 17th with items from BodySparkle’s St. Patrick’s Day Body Jewelry Collection! From four leaf clover non-pierced hoops, tongue rings and barbells to “100% Irish” captive rings and Shamrock and Claddagh belly button rings, our St. Patrick’s Day collection promises to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. And besides, you wouldn’t want to be caught without a bit o’ green on, right?

n-1-3c-dg-tWear your Irish pride on your belly with this Silver 100% Irish Belly Button Ring. The sterling silver dangle hangs from an emerald green colored crystal jewel and comes in different barbell sizes. This design is only sold by BodySparkle.


Green Glitter Shamrock Captive Bead Ring.
Green Glitter Shamrock Captive Bead Ring.

The Green Glitter Shamrock Captive Ring is another Body Sparkle Exclusive product. The sparkly green dangle is available on many products, allowing people to mix and match this Captive Ring with Non Pierce Cuffs, Fish Hook Earrings, Labret Studs, and Industrial Barbells.



Sterling Silver Shamrock Jeweled Captive Ring

The Sterling Silver Shamrock Captive Ring offers colorful St. Patrick’s day jewelry by coming in fourteen different jewel colors. This BodySparkle Exclusive Shamrock can be found on our plain captive rings, ear cuffs, labrets, industrial barbells, and fish hook earrings.




Silver Claddagh Belly Button Ring
Silver Claddagh Belly Button Ring

The traditional Irish symbol of love, friendship and loyalty, the claddagh is the center of our Silver Claddagh Belly Button Ring! Features a jeweled curved barbell bedecked with sterling silver claddagh charm and a genuine Swarovski Crystal jewel. This design is also available on a captive bead ring and an industrial barbell.

Green Four Leaf Clover Barbell
Green Four Leaf Clover Barbell


This Four Leaf Clover Logo Tongue Ring will give you a taste of luck for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 


 Tiny Shamrock Dangle Non-Pierced Hoop
Tiny Four Leaf Clover Dangle Non-Pierced Hoop

The Four Leaf Clover in this set of clip on earrings will add a bit of Irish to your jewelry without additional piercing. There is also a matching stud earring set, as well as an industrial barbell and non pierce ear cuff with the same shamrock.

Celtic Knot Belly Ring

Enjoy the stylized and interlocking patterns of Celtic art with the Celtic Knot Belly Ring. This belly ring is available with a black stone jewel and black acrylic end ball.

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