St. Patrick’s Day Body Jewelry

bodysparkleMar 8, '09

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), BodySparkle is pleased to present our St. Patrick’s Day Body Jewelry Collection. From four leaf clover non-pierced hoops, tongue rings and barbells to “100% Irish” captive rings and Shamrock and Claddagh belly button rings, our St. Patrick’s Day collection promises to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. And besides, you wouldn’t want to be caught without a bit o’ green on, right?


Green Shamrock Belly Button Ring with a Clear Jewel

Get a BodySparkle Exclusive Design for St. Patrick’s Day with the Green Shamrock Belly Button Ring. The enamel accented shamrock dangles beneath a clear or green jeweled bottom ball.

Claddagh Jeweled Belly Ring

The Claddagh Jeweled Belly Button Ring features the Celtic symbol of love and commitment, dangling from a barbell with a prong set green jewel.

Green Jeweled Shamrock Belly Ring has a green jewel in the top ball too.

The Green Jeweled Shamrock Belly Button Ring is full of Emerald colored jewels to add some sparkle to your St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry.

Dark Green Claddagh Ring. The jewel also works as an imitation birthstone for May.
Dark Green Claddagh Ring. The jewel also works as an imitation birthstone for May.

To add some non-pierced green to your St. Patrick’s Day accessories, try the Dark Green Claddagh Ring. This ring is best suited for smaller fingers, but can work as a knuckle or middle ring. It also is available in two other jewel colors: Clear and Purple.

n-8-4c-tIf you’d like some graceful green for more occasions than St. Patrick’s Day, look at the Peridot Color Filigree Belly Button Ring. A light green jewel is on the Filigree design and the bottom ball. A third jewel can be added.

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