Stick a Hole in Piercing Preconceptions

bodysparkleNov 12, '08

The Stamford Advocate has an excellent article on the preconceptions and prejudices that can accompany unorthodox piercings. In “Stick a hole in piercing preconceptions”, writer Trudi Shaffer recounts her recent voyage into the world of body modification and details how her four piercings — “tragus (the little ear nub you press on to block out sound), helix (the upper rim of ear cartilage), snug (the raised cartilage just inside the helix), and nape” — are sometimes met with negative reactions from family and friends. Despite the harsh prejudices associated with her piercings, she notes, “modifications aren’t as taboo as they once were, and the public’s opinion is evolving.” Do you agree that the general public’s opinion on body piercings is rapidly changing? Tell us in the comments!

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