Tiny Nose Piercing Hoops

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How do you size tiny nose piercing hoops?

Tiny nose piercing hoop and pink hair
Tiny nose hoops and pink hair fit right into the trends for June 2019

Everyone is looking for that perfect tiny nose piercing hoop. Nose hoops look best when they hug your nose. It’s hard to guess the size hoop you need because the thickness of your nose and the placement of your piercing directly affect the hoop size you need.

Many of our customers ask for the tiniest nose hoop we have, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t fit.

To get that perfect tiny nose hoop fit, you must make sure you have the correct gauge for your nose piercing. Ask your piercer what gauge they are piercing your nose.

The gauge is the size of the hole. This is important because if the nose hoop is too thin, you piercing will close down to a smaller size. Too thick and it won’t fit. If you can ask the piercer to measure your nose and tell you what size (inner diameter) hoop you need, that will make your nose hoop sizing and shopping easy.

Solid Titanium Tiny Nose Hoops-18g-16g-14g-12g-10g
Solid Titanium Nose Piercing Hoops. Great for people who are sensitive to stainless steel

If you can’t get this information from a piercer you can measure piercing jewelry that fits you correctly with the BodySparkle Online Measuring App that lets you measure your jewelry on your phone, table or computer screen.

Or you can take a ruler and measure the distance between the bottom of your nose and your nose piercing. This would be the minimum inner diameter size you need. Add a little for the thickness of your nose and you should have a close fit. This is not an exact science, but it will get you close to a perfect fit.

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how to measure tiny nose hoops

Nose Hoop Styles & Materials

Seamless rings (shown above) are the easiest nose hoops to use. You just twist open and closed with your fingers. The thinner the gauge, the easier the hoop is to twist open. Available in stainless steel, solid titanium, sterling silver and 14K gold.

How to open seamless rings  tiny nose piercing hoops

Captive Bead Rings and harder to use because the ball is held in place by the tension of the hoop. But once you get the hang of it, they are very secure and you have so many captive bead designs to choose from. You can change the ball without removing the hoop from your piercing.

One Basic Stainless Steel Captive Ring-20g-18g-16g-14g-12g tiny nose piercing hoops
Captive Bead Ring Tiny Nose Hoop

Many people find that using Captive Bead Ring Opening Pliers very helpful when using captive rings, especially with delicate glass or natural stone beads.

Captive Ring Opening Pliers-Easily Open Captive Rings-Body Jewelry Tools
Captive Bead Ring Opening Pliers

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