What Color is your Favorite for Body Jewelry?

bodysparkleJun 27, '14

BodySparkle carries body jewelry with 26 different jewel colors to choose from.  It’s easy to find the ideal color for your belly button ring, nose ring, captive bead ring, labret stud or barbell end balls with that selection!

BodySparkle also has hard to find colors such as Sunny Yellow (Jonquil), Bright Fiery Orange (Hyacinth), Bright Turquiose Color (Blue Zircon), Hot Pink (Fuchsia), Lt. Pink, Midnight Blue (Montana), Warm Brown (Smoked Topaz) Cool Grey (Black Diamond and Aurora Borealis (AB) stones in amethyst, aqua, and crystal. The AB stones’ fiery reflections add a colorful rainbow shine over the base color stone—like the AB Amethyst, which has a deep purple base color and shades of teal, gold, and fuchsia.

And of course, birthstones are always great for a gift or a new color option.

Birthstone Colors

  • January: Garnet (dark red)
  • February:  Amethyst (dark purple)
  • March: Aquamarine (Lt. Turquoise)
  • April:  (Crystal Clear for diamond)
  • May:  Emerald (dark green)
  • June:  Lavender (for Alexandrite) or Pearl
  • July: Ruby (bright red)
  • August: Peridot (light green)
  • September: Sapphire (dark blue)
  • October: Pink (for tourmaline) or Opal
  • November: Topaz (golden yellow)
  • December: Blue Zircon (our blue zircon is darker than the genuine blue zircon stone) or Turquoise

What color body jewelry are you wearing? Make sure to show it off on Pinterest or Facebook!

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