What size nose hoop do you need?

bodysparkleDec 8, '16
The gauge is the thickness of the hoop (the size of your piercing) and the diameter size is how big around the hoop is. Everyone wants the hoop to hug their nose, that is why sizing is so important. Many people think that because they want a small hoop, they should purchase the smallest size. But the smallest size will not work for everyone. The size needed depends on how high your piercing is from the bottom of your nostril and how thick your nose is.
It’s easiest to have a piercer tell you what size they think you would need. If that’s not possible, you can try measuring the distance between the bottom of your nostril and the center of your piercing with a ruler. This will give you some idea of the size you need. You can also measure a nose hoop that you have that fits you properly. I have attached a measuring chart that you can print and use to measure any jewelry that you already have, or you can see what the sizes actually look like. This chart must be printed to be accurate.
Captive rings have a ball that is held in by pressure. Seamless rings have no ball and twist open and closed. Segment rings have a piece that comes out instead of a ball so it forms a nice smooth ring. Endless hoops twist open but have a small bar on them. Circular barbells are horseshoe shaped and have two balls that screw on.
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