What Size Nose Ring do I Need? Nose Ring Sizes

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We often get asked the question, “What size nose ring do I need?”. We’re here to answer that. We carry many nose ring sizes so you can find the perfect nose piercing  jewelry for you.

To know what size Nose Ring you need, you must first understand the three measurements of Gauge, Length, and Top Size. Gauge is the “thickness” of the nose ring post (the straight part  that goes through your piercing), length is how long the post is, and Top Size is the  diameter is the size of the top ball or stone on the nose ring.

Use the BodySparkle Online Nose Ring Measuring App at the bottom of our Nose Piercing  Information Page for more information on nose ring sizes.

Next, you must know what style of Nose ring you want.

Nose Stud – These are straight post nose studs that you bend  them  yourself or can be pre-bent and commonly known as L Shape Nose Studs. Also known as nose pins.

L Bend Nose Studs are pre-bent for you
L Bend Nose Studs are pre-bent for you

Nose Bone – This is a straight post with a small ball on the end.

Pink Star Nose Bone
Pink Star Nose Bone

Nose Ring / Nose Hoop This can be a seamless ring,  captive ring or  segment ring nose jewelry.

tiny nose hoop
Nose Hoop Seamless Ring

Nose Screw –  This has a straight post and curved  tail.

Nose Screw Nose Ring

Gauge – All nose ring styles use the Gauge dimension.  The gauge is the thickness  of the post or  hoop (the part that goes through your piercing. The most common nose piercing gauge is 18 gauge. That is the gauge most piercing professionals use for nose piercings. A nose screw or nose hoop are the best styles for initial piercings. It is best to use one of these until the nose piercing is completely healed. If you switch to a nose bone too quickly, the piercing may start to heal around the bulb at the bottom and cause problems. Nose studs that are bent into an L shape are not as secure as the nose screw. Many people want a smaller hole in their nose, so they go down to 20 gauge or 22 gauge which are thinner than 18 gauge. Some nose piercings are 16 gauge (thicker than 18 gauge), and BodySparkle carries some 16 gauge Nose Rings but they are less common and there are not many available. We carry a large selection of nose bones, nose screws, bend to fit nose studs and nose hoops in 22 gauge, 20 gauge and 18 gauge.

Length – Some of our nose rings are available with different length posts. The most common nose post size is 1/4 inch (6mm) long. But some piercers use a slightly longer post (5/16 inch-8mm) for the initial nose piercing to compensate for swelling. This size works for some people, but others may find it uncomfortable after the nose piercing heals.

Top Size – The size (diameter)  of the stone or ball on top of your nose ring is also important.  The range of sizes can go from 1mm – 5mm.  Larger sizes mean bigger stones for more visibility and sparkle from the nose rings. Smaller sizes are more discreet, delicate look.

There is no “right” type of nose ring. The customer usually chooses what style they want (screw, bone, stud or hoop) based on personal preference, comfort, ease of use etc. We recommend that you consult with a local piercing professional if you are not sure how to use a certain type of nose ring. Some nose rings come in different lengths, diameters, etc. The size you need is based on where your piercing is placed on the nose and how thick your nose is, etc. The only way to properly determine the size you need is to measure a piece of jewelry that fits properly and use it as a guideline or consult your piercing professional!

We hope this helped you with the question, What size nose ring do I need? And helped you understand nose ring sizes.  If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for help!

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