Wyoming Man Beats Record for Piercings

bodysparkleApr 18, '10

CBS News reported earlier this week that a Wyoming man has set a new world record for piercings! You may remember almost one year ago when BodySparkle reported the news that Texan mechanic Jeremy Stroud had set a new Guinness World Record with nearly 1,200 piercings in one sitting. Now, Ed Bruns has set the bar a bit higher: after a grueling four-and-a-half hour session, this human pin cushion is the proud new owner of 1,501 piercings:

Ed Bruns stood in front of a crowd taking applause after four hours and 27 minutes of almost constant poking with needles on Sunday evening. As a total of 1,501 needles shimmered with the light of camera flashes, Bruns’ legs began to quake, and the shock began.

It was the shock of being a new Guinness World Record holder with 304 more piercings than the previous attempt. It was the shock of actually doing something that dozens of people called him crazy for even trying.

And it was a little physical shock from the year-supply of 16-gauge piercing needles still stuck in his arms, back and legs. Despite some shock, Bruns made the attempt look easy. He never complained and only blinked hard a few times when the piercing artist put needles through the tender skin on the back of his knees.

Whoa: that’s a lot of piercings! So, Bodysparklers: How many piercings have you had done in one session? What do you think inspires someone like Bruns to get so many piercings in one day? Tell us in the comments!

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