Silver Moon Daith Piercing Earring Star Dangle-16g Piercing Hoop

One 16 gauge .925 Sterling Silver Moon Daith Piercing Earring with dangling star available for left ear or right ear daith piercing. Seamless Ring can also be worn in the Rook, Helix, Tragus Piercings and more. Available for left ear or right ear piercing. This Crescent Moon Daith Earring Body Jewelry is a versatile way to express yourself! The moon is about 1/2 inch (13mm) high X 7/16 inch (11mm) wide. Inner diameter is about 5/16 inch (8mm). This seamless ring is can be bent with your fingers so no tools are necessary and you can insert and remove it from your piercing with ease.� See illustration above for proper way to open without permanently damaging the ring.

Please Note: This ring should be twisted open by pushing both sides of the opening to front and back (see illustration above), not pulled open from left to right.
Bar Material:Sterling Silver Design Material: .925 Sterling Silver. Never wear sterling silver in new or unhealed piercings. Sterling silver should only be worn in well healed piercings and piercing should be watched for signs of irritation. Sold individually, not in pairs Sizing Info: Instructions: Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Ear,Eyebrow Suggested Piercings: Daith,Rook,Tragus,Cartilage,Eyebrow On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: Not Sure What Size You Need? See Our Online Body Jewelry Measuring Chart and tips on How to Read a Ruler This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!