Ear Cartilage Piercing Locations

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Ear Piercing Diagram Lobe (Standard) Upper Lobe Transverse Lobe Tragus Anti-Tragus Daith Outer Conch Pinna Auricle Inner Conch Snug Orbital Rook Industrial Helix (Cartilage) Forward Helix

Cartilage Earring Sizing Information
The most common gauge for a cartilage piercing is 16 gauge, unless pierced at Claire's or Walmart, etc. (or usually any place that uses a piercing gun). They pierce with a 20 gauge needle (best to ask what gauge they are using to be sure).

Many people want a smaller gauge hole in their ear than 16 gauge, so they go down to 18 gauge which is thinner than 16 gauge. 20 gauge & 22 gauge are the thickness of regular earring studs.

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