Nipple Piercing Information

Recommended Nipple Jewelry Types

BodySparkle carries Nipple Ring styles such as: circular barbells, Hoops, Non Piercing fake hoops, nipple piercing retainers, nipple shields, dangling nipple rings, curved barbells, captive rings, seamless rings, straight barbells, segment rings and even more. When choosing nipple jewelry, The main factors to choose your preference from are style, size, material, and threading.

Nipple Jewelry Sizing

Straight Barbells
The length of your nipple piercing jewelry depends on the size of your nipples. If you are going with a straight barbell, you need jewelry that is long enough so the end balls won't press on the sides of your nipples, to avoid necrosis. However, they shouldn't be so long that they catch on your clothes.

Nipple Hoops / Captive Rings
When sizing captive bead rings, or hoops, the diameter shouldn't get in the way or show through your clothing.

Nipple Ring Gauge
Nipple piercings are usually done at 14g or 12g, larger gauges located further back from the front surface of the nipple, will help with possible rejection issues. We have many customers requesting 16 gauge nipple rings. Smaller gauges and/or piercings placed too far toward the front edge can set off rejection issues.

Ask your piercer to help you choose the best size starter jewelry, or to find out what size you were originally given by your piercer.