Sparkle Points Rewards Program

BodySparkle's "Sparkle Points" - Customer Reward Program

BodySparkle would like to thank our customers for shopping at with our new BodySparkle Sparkle Points customer reward program. As a valued customer of BodySparkle, you can earn points toward discounts on future orders. This is our way of thanking you for continuing to shop with us. Sparkle points do not apply to wholesale orders.

To begin earning Sparkle Points just go shopping on the BodySparkle web site! You will earn one Sparkle Point for every U.S. dollar spent in our on-line store (excluding tax, shipping and handling fees). 30 Sparkle Points = USD $1.00. This equates to a 3% discount on future orders. Sparkle Points cannot be redeemed toward tax or shipping and handling fees.

Sparkle Points are automatically accumulated in your account following each completed and paid purchase on our web site. Orders paid by check order money order will not have points accumulated until payment is received by BodySparkle. A total of Sparkle Points you have earned on past orders and available for redemption will be displayed during the checkout process. You will have the option to redeem earned points on your current order or keep earned points in your account to be used on a later purchase. These points are automatically totaled for you in your account and can be reviewed simply by signing into your account on our web site any time.

To earn or redeem Sparkle Points you must always log-in to your BodySparkle account on our web site. You can do this before you place an order, or you can log in during the check out process, after you choose the items you wish to purchase. If you create more than one account, you will accumulate points in the account in which your order was placed. It is best to try and always use one account. If you forget your user name and/or password, we can send them to you. Just contact us at

As always, membership is FREE!

If you would like to see how many points you currently have in your personal Sparkle Points Account, you can see a real time total in the upper part of the left hand column on our web site once you log in.

Sparkle Points Specific Terms:
  • BodySparkle reserves the right to terminate the Sparkle Points program at any time without prior notice.
  • This program is a point-based reward program for clients of BodySparkle and can only be redeemed by the individual to whom they were issued and are non-transferable.
  • Sparkle Points can only be redeemed towards products on the BodySparkle web site and cannot be used toward shipping charges or sales tax.
  • Sparkle Points can be used in conjunction with other BodySparkle Coupons.
  • Points are not accumulated on orders paid by check or money order until the check or money order is received by BodySparkle and the order processed and shipped.
  • Points earned on orders that are later cancelled will be deducted from your account.
  • Sparkle Points can be used to purchase sale items and clearance items.
  • Sparkle Points can not be used to purchase gift certificates.
  • All discrepancies involving Sparkle Points must be brought to our attention immediately. Each incident will be researched and resolved within 10 business days.
  • Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Sparkle Points are not earned on orders when redeeming Sparkle Points
Returns: Orders returned for refunds that were partially paid with Sparkle Points will have the Sparkle Points divided equally between all items on the order and the refund will be the item total, minus the value of the Sparkle Points applied to it. For example if you purchase two items, one at $5.00 ea. and one at $4.99 ea., with $.86 worth of Sparkle Points Redeemed, the Sparkle Points will be divided and applied equally to each item on the order. Items will be refunded with the adjusted price. See example below:
Original Order: qty. Price ea.
E-2-7 Bezel Set Jeweled Nose Bone-18 gauge 1 $5.00
F-6-4A Flexi UV Spike Barbell-16 gauge 1 $4.99
POINTS Redeemed 26 Sparkle Points - 0 Remaining 1 ($0.86)
Order Total: $ 9.13

Returned Order:


Price ea.
E-2-7 Bezel Set Jeweled Nose Bone-18 gauge 1 $4.57
F-6-4A Flexi UV Spike Barbell-16 gauge 1 $4.56
Order Total: $ 9.13

If you have any questions about our Sparkle Points Customer Reward Points Program, please contact us.

Happy Shopping!