1.5mm Genuine Diamond Nose Screw 22g-14K Yellow Gold Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Easy Body Jewelry Measuring! 

We often get asked the question "What size or gauge Body Jewelry Size Should I Order?". It is very difficult for us to tell what piercing sizes you need for your particular body piercing. There is no "standard" gauge size that all Piercing Professionals use. We can tell you the most common gauge sizes used for a particular piercing, but that will not necessarily be the piercing size that you have. The only way to accurately determine the size you need is to contact the piercer and ask what gauge, length or diameter you were pierced with or measure the jewelry you are wearing and use that as a guideline for new body jewelry purchases.

We provide a free Body Jewelry Gauge Chart that you can print and use to measure your body jewelry. This will help you determine what body jewelry gauge size you need, as well as the length or diameter. This body jewelry measuring chart must be printed to be accurate. Do not measure jewelry on the computer screen. The measurements will not be accurate!

This chart also includes instructions on how to accurately measure your body jewelry. If you cannot print the gauge chart, you can view it on your computer screen and follow the measuring instructions using a ruler or measuring tape. Or you can go to a local Piercing Professional and have them measure the body jewelry for you.