Black Solid Titanium Circular Barbell 18g-16g-14g Piercing Hoop

Black Color Solid Titanium Circular Barbell. Titanium all the way through! Great for sensitive piercings

Bar Material:Titanium External Design Material: Titanium End ball size varies depending on gauge and diameter. If you have a preference for size, let us know via email after placing order and will accommodate if size is available Sold Individually. Photo enlarged to show detail Sizing Info: Instructions: Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Belly Button,Bridge,Chin,Ear,Eyebrow,Face,Facial,Gum,Intimate,Lip,Mouth,Navel,Nipple,Nose,Oral Suggested Piercings: Angel Bites,Anti-Eyebrow,Anti-Tragus,Auricle,Belly,Belly Button,Bottom Belly,Bridge,Canine Bites,Cartilage,Christina,Conch,Conch Outer,Cyber Bites,Dahlia,Daith,Dolphin Bites,Ear,Earl,Eyebrow,Female,Forward Pinna,Frowney,Gauge,Gum,Helix,Horizontal Lip,Inti On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!