Dk. Purple Solid Titanium Circular Barbell 18g-16g-14g Piercing Hoop

Dk. Purple Color Solid Titanium Circular Barbell. Titanium all the way through! Great for sensitive piercings. This is an eggplant color purple. Very Dark with brown overtones

Bar Material:Titanium External Design Material: Titanium End ball size varies depending on gauge and diameter. If you have a preference for size, let us know via email after placing order and will accommodate if size is available Sold Individually. Photo enlarged to show detail Sizing Info: Instructions: Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Belly Button,Bridge,Chin,Ear,Eyebrow,Face,Facial,Gum,Intimate,Lip,Mouth,Navel,Nipple,Nose,Oral Suggested Piercings: Angel Bites,Anti-Eyebrow,Anti-Tragus,Auricle,Belly,Belly Button,Bottom Belly,Bridge,Canine Bites,Cartilage,Christina,Conch,Conch Outer,Cyber Bites,Dahlia,Daith,Dolphin Bites,Ear,Earl,Eyebrow,Female,Forward Pinna,Frowney,Gauge,Gum,Helix,Horizontal Lip,Inti On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!