Gold Color Solid Titanium Segment Ring 14g Piercing Hoop

14 gauge, Solid Implant Grade Titanium Segment Ring (titanium all the way through!) available in 5/8 and 3/4 inch sizes. This larger size is good for nipple piercings, conch piercings or anywhere you would like a larger hoop.

The Titanium Grade Ti6ALV-ELI (implant grade) ASTM F-136-02 Inner diameter is measured in a straight line across inside of circular barbell. Segment rings work just like captive rings. The segment is held in by pressure and hoop must be opened slightly to get segment out. DO NOT PULL THE SEGMENT OUT OR PUSH IT INTO THE RING WITHOUT OPENING THE RING FIRST. IT WILL BREAK AND BE UNUSUABLE

Here is a link to our Segment Ring Instructions for Use if you are not familiar with how segment rings work. Some of the heavier gauge segment rings (14 gauge and higher) may require a tool to get them opened to remove the ball. Here is a link to our Segment Ring Tools and Pliers.

These are sold individually, not in pairs. Photo is enlarged to show detail.

Implant Grade Titanium Grade: Ti6ALV-ELI (implant grade) ASTM F-136-02 (Grade 23). Titanium is becoming the metal of choice for piercing jewelry because of its superior machinability and light weight (45% lighter than steel). Titanium is almost completely can be ideal for individuals sensitive to other materials, such as surgical stainless steel.

This product is made from solid titanium, not stainless steel coated with titanium. The titanium is colored by a process called Anodization. Anodizing is a process whereby an electrical current is passed through the metal and oxide buildup on the surface of the metal causes the color to change to vivid metallic colors. Depending on your monitor settings, colors on actual items may vary slightly from what you see here.
Bar Material:Titanium Design Material: Sold individually, not in pairs. Photo enlarged to show detail. Sizing Info: Instructions: Captive Rings Instructions. Captive Ring Open Pliers Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Nipple,Belly,Lip,Ear Suggested Piercings: Nipple,Septum,Lip,Lobe,Intimate,Belly Button,Conch On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: Not Sure What Size You Need? See Our Online Body Jewelry Measuring Chart and tips on How to Read a Ruler This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!