One 10 gauge Basic Stainless Steel Ball Labret Stud Piercing Earring

One 316L Surgical Stainless Steel 10 gauge Labret Stud suitable for Lip Rings, Piercing Earrings and more!

316L Surgical Stainless Steel labret stud is 10 gauge and available in 5/16 inch (8mm-most common size after piercing heals) or 3/8 inch. Labret Post length is measured in a straight line between the flat back and the top ball, not including back or threads on the post. Top ball is externally threaded.

This item is suitable for 10 gauge earrings, lip ring studs, cartilage studs, labret studs lowbret, chin piercings, heavy gauge labret, ear cartilage piercings, helix piercings, ear lobe piercings, conch piercings
Bar Material:Stainless Steel Design Material: 5mm - 3/16 inch Sizing Info: Instructions: Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Chin,Ear,Face,Facial,Lip,Mouth,Nose,Oral Suggested Piercings: Angel Bites,Auricle,Beauty Mark,Canine Bites,Cartilage,Cheek,Chin,Cleft ,Conch,Conch Inner,Conch Outer,Crawford,Crayfish,Cyber Bites,Dahlia,Dimples,Dolphin Bites,Ear,Helix,High Nostril,Forward Helix,Forward Pinna,Horizontal Labret,KA,Labret,Lip,Lobe,Lowbr On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: Not Sure What Size You Need? See Our Online Body Jewelry Measuring Chart and tips on How to Read a Ruler This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!