Pack of 3-Jeweled Nose Stud Nostril Rings-22 gauge Piercing Jewelry

Pack of 3-22 gauge, 1.2mm,1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm Jeweled Nose Studs .925 Sterling Silver Prong Set, Round, Rhinestone Nose Stud with a 1.2mm, top stone. These can easily be bent into an L shape with your fingers!

Straight part of nose stud post is about 1/4 inch (6mm) after bending.

Dainty and tasteful jeweled nose rings (photo is enlarged to show detail). There is no bulb at the end of this post. These nose studs must be bent for a comfortable fit in the nose. BodySparkle is not responsible for damage caused to this item by bending it.

Sterling silver items can be discolored and damaged by chlorine found in swimming pools and hot tubs and by chemicals in personal care products. Be careful not to snag prongs on towels or clothes, etc. This will pull up the prongs and cause the stone to fall out. We recommend checking the prongs often and pushing them down flat in case they have been snagged and pulled open.
Bar Material:Sterling Silver Design Material: Sizing Info: Instructions: Jewelry Care: Piercing Locations: Nose,Nostril Suggested Piercings: Nose,Nostril On Screen Body Jewelry Measuring Chart: Not Sure What Size You Need? See Our Online Body Jewelry Measuring Chart and tips on How to Read a Ruler This Item is Not Intended for Use by Children Under the Age of 14!